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loose-wire-harness-.jpg   universal-iso-.jpg   receiver-to-iso-harness-.jpg    patch-lead-harness-.jpg      oem-factory-reverse-cam-retain-harness-frankies.jpg    aftermarket-antenna-adaptors.jpg steering-wheel-control-harnesses-frankies.jpg      swc-patch-lead-frankies.jpg    factory-headunit-antenna-adaptors.jpg     factory-amplifier-retention-harnesses.jpg     factory-audio-visual-infodators.jpg   can-bus-adaptor-harness-adaptors-frankies.jpg   aftermarket-reverse-cam-adaptors.jpg     universal-iso-swc-adaptors-and-extensions.jpg    factory-speaker-adaptors.jpg    usb-adaptor-harnesses.jpg


Like the standard Secondary harnesses, these serve as the connection between your aftermarket head unit and the primary vehicle ISO harness. The patch lead which is included, works as a link to a SWC harness (available separately) allowing you to retain the functionality of the vehicles OEM steering wheel controls.

Once you have your universal ISO & SWC harness sorted for the vehicle side of the loom, simply select the secondary harness based on the head unit brand and its connector.

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