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​Meet the latest game changer—the Sony XAV-AX100 Double DIN Head Unit With Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

I’m sure most of us are familiar with the usual features of our in-car stereo like Bluetooth connectivity, CD, radio, and USB, right? Well, how would you like it if you’re able to control which song to listen to using voice command while driving? How about navigating to your destination with just a touch of a button? Would you want to never to take your eyes off the road while driving again, but be able to answer incoming calls and listen to text messages? If you’re nodding your head to all of these features, you’re in for a treat because the Sony XAV-AX100 has got you covered!

Frankies Sony XAV-AX100

The Smartphone has become a critical part of our life and connectivity has never been more important especially when we love to keep in communication with our family and friends anytime, anywhere, right? It’s true that you can’t live without it especially in this day and age. It has expanded all possibilities for all car owners who want to travel in style, convenience, and of course, safety. Since its release, everyone has been raving about the Sony XAV-AX100. Consumers are pleased with the performance of this unit as it has well exceeded all their expectations at an extremely affordable price point.

Let’s find out what all the rave is about!

Engineered and designed to be an extension of your smartphone, the Sony XAV-AX100 receiver boasts of its functionality and convenience into your vehicle, through the use of Apple CarPlay and Android Audio Auto apps. Its double-din AV centre connects with your iOS or Android smartphone for voice control as you drive.

A little about Apple CarPlay and Android Auto:

Apple CarPlay

For iOS users, just plug your phone via cable and seamlessly stream the tunes you love and podcasts you listen to on the daily. You can take calls, send text messages, and navigate by just tapping the icons on the screen for Siri. Using a compatible iPhone, you will also be able to use your voice to control Siri Eyes Free through the receiver. Imagine the convenience and safety of that!

Frankies Sony XAV-AX100

Android Auto

For all the Android-loving users, you will undoubtedly love the SONY XAV-AX100, too! Download the app and sync your phone with the car and that’s it. Through the use of Android’s voice commands, you will be able to control it with messaging, answering calls, using Google Maps for directions, and controlling music playback.

The sound and the visual

The rich and full sound of the SONY XAV-AX100 will make the factory speakers of your vehicle sound a whole lot better—you’ll be surprised with the performance of Sony’s Mega Bass. The 10-band equalizer can be adjusted to optimize the acoustics in your vehicle and access the preset tone curves to achieve the sound of your liking. Additionally, you can also improve the soundstage by creating ‘virtual speakers’ on your dashboard using the Dynamic Stage Organizer.

    Frankies Sony XAV-AX100

If your vehicle has audio control on your steering wheel, you no longer need to buy specialized modules to retain full control when changing your head unit. The XAV-AX100 has steering wheel controls built in, saving you in some cases a lot of money. You would only have to connect a few wires and program the adapter to your particular vehicle; this is a massive feature at the price point.

You can also play various audio formats with this multimedia receiver. It supports MP3, WMA, and FLAC playback via USB. If you’re on a road trip and you’re aching for a stopover, you can also play movies via USB.

Ergonomically exceptional

The sleek design of the SONY XAV-AX100 is just a bonus factor to the whole package. Sony thinks about your safety, too. Sony designed this media receiver to avoid distractions when driving while keeping in touch with your entertainment pleasures. Right of the batt, the rotary dial adds a nice touch because ergonomically speaking, it’s easier. It also has a USB high charge for smartphones and tablets.

If you have a reverse camera or would like to add a reverse camera, this receiver also has a dedicated reverse camera input. The customisable on-screen guidelines help you backup confidently and safely.

This car media receiver has been a game changer for Sony. Known as a brand who has an astonishing reputation for audio quality and its overall performance; it sure won’t fail the needs of the consumers with its innovative features. This car audio unit has also massively made Sony a force to be reckoned with. Undeniably, it is one of the most trusted brands worldwide. Mention Sony to an audio enthusiast; I’m confident they will also agree that it’s one of the brands that immediately come to mind.

To summarise, the Sony XAV-AX100 is powered by the following features:

Screen Size: 6.4”

iPhone/iPod Features: Audio Playback | Pandora Control | Video Playback | Battery Charging | Apple CarPlay

Android Features: Audio Playback | Pandora Control | Video Playback | Battery Charging | Android Auto

USB Location: Rear

USB Playable Audio/Video Format: MP3 | WMA | AAC | XVID | DIVX | AVI | MP4 | MPEG 1,2,4

MP3 Playback
Bluetooth Connectivity
iPhone Compatible 
Android Compatible
App Mode
USB Input

What others are saying

Most of the people who got the SONY XAV-AX100 from Frankies Auto Electrics were extremely pleased with their purchase. One customer said she was just supposed to purchase a basic car stereo with Bluetooth, but she changed her mind once she got introduced to the Sony XAV-AX100, now she doesn’t know what to do without it! One customer named Sean also swears by this. He highlighted how simple Sony’s touchscreen was to use. Car rides with the kids are always easy breezy now thanks to the convenience that the product brings. They’re over the moon with the voice command feature as it caters to any request from the kids!

 Frankies Sony XAV-AX100

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